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  1. 2011 i40 Premium Diesel Headlight issues AFLS failed

    i40 Forum
    I hope someone can point me to a fix for this Low beam passenger side HID is out - Dealer quoted AU$1,800 to replace a globe unbelievable my local mechanic put in the correct HID globe D1S and it did not work so the ballast must have failed - does anyone know where the ballast is located in the...
  2. Match Fog Lights to Xenon Headlights

    YF (2011-2014) Sonata/i45
    Hey yall, new to this forum. I just bought a 2014 Sonata Limited 2.0T and want to match the color of the fog lights and high beams to the Xenon (HID) headlights. I think the yellow regular bulbs don't look good mixed with the bright white light of the Xenons. Any bulb recommendations?
  3. Hi-Beam LEDs

    AD 2017+ Elantra
    I am looking into upgrading the H7 bulbs to led 9000LM each @ 55w. Seller is asking if I have Can-bus system so he can send me the harness. 2017 AD Limited Thank you