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  1. CM (2007-2012) Santa Fe
    The Oil pressure sensor has had a slight leak. Not enough to drip down to the garage floor. The oil light started to flicker so I figured it was time to bite the bullet. I have 2007 Santa Fe Limited. Single owner. Over 220k. It was the original pressure sensor. I purchased the replacement and...
  2. PD (2018+) Elantra GT
    Hey everyone. I have a 2018 Elantra GT GL with the 2.0L. The knock sensor went bad on me. I have looked everywhere online trying to find where it’s located on the engine. Thanks in advance
  3. DM (2013-2019) Santa Fe
    Good Morning! I have 2014 Sante Fe Sport. It won't start. I get half a crank and then the dash lights up and seems like it's having a seizure. All the dash lights are blinking and acting crazy. I replaced the EMS Module to see if that would help but no that didn't work. Any help will be...
  4. Sonata All Hybrid Models (YF/LF)
    Hello, I am having problems with my 2015 Sonata Hybrid. When driving at nights, sometimes when I make a right or left turn (turn signals on), my head lights will turn off, dash will go dimm, and my LCD screen will turn white. Any ideal what may be causing this?
  5. MC (2006-2011) Accent
    This might be an easy question I'm just having bad luck answering, but I am trying to figure out how to identify what model transmission is in my car. Either some kind of casting mark or a tag or anything, been having a bad time with it and would really appreciate any help or guidance. It is a...
  6. MD (2011-2016) Elantra sedan/coupe
    I was driving in my 2013 Elantra and suddenly couldn't steer to the right. Managed to pull over, and it looks like this piece broke off the wheel hub assembly. Can anyone give me an idea of what might have broken? I haven't been able to find anything online. Anything Helps, Thanks
  7. UK
    Hi, My Tucson never came with the SD card needed to allow the Sat Nav to work, does any one know which I need to purchase for this model? Thank you!
  8. i10 1st Generation 2007-2014
    Hi everyone!, So this is my situation: I have a 2012 i10. I got LEDs off amazon to install in my car. I wanted to connect it to the doors so when the doors are open so is the light, so what i did is i tried to connect the LEDs into the light place thing above my head (which is anyways connected...
  9. YF (2011-2014) Sonata/i45
    I got this car second hand, with little to no info on it. AC worked great for the first month, then began having issues. I figured out the expansion valve is going out, but if I let my car get up to temp before I turned the AC on it would start working. Then I had to be driving and pressing the...
  10. MC (2006-2011) Accent
    I'm gonna start by mentioning that I just started learning about cars and that this is my first car (Hyundai Accent 2010 GLS). I replaced the spark plugs today and noticed that there are two bolts missing in what I think is the upper timing cover (I saw a similar post calling it a valve cover...
  11. Suspension, Wheels and Tires
    2019 tucson Was in my first accident going around 55 mph on a highway, got side swiped and then started turning and hit the railing on the front drivers side corner. was able to drive it still,but cant go over 25 or i loose control of the car. Also feels like the car has no traction at all...
  12. AD (2017-2020) Elantra
    Just bought this used 2017 Elantra with basically everything in great condition, except the driver's door. I unlock either by pressing the button on the key or pressing the one on the handle and the car unlocks just fine but then I can't open it at all. The rest of the doors open beside the...
  13. MD (2011-2016) Elantra sedan/coupe
    Does anyone know the inner and outer diameter of the oem exhaust pipes throughout the car.
  14. MC (2006-2011) Accent
    Hyundai accent 08 - RHD 1.4L manual approx 150000km I have recently replace my battery after some issues with the old one. However am facing some problems with the new battery. I got it checked 4 times by the battery service dealer and they told me all is ok with the charging system and battery...
  15. RB (2012-2017) Accent
    Does anyone have a well labeled diagram or know what I should check between the radio and the battery to find and fix it? Thanks in advance.
  16. MD (2011-2016) Elantra sedan/coupe
    I am in need of a driver side headlight casing replacement for my 2016 Elantra Value edition. I want to order the part and install it myself to save some money but I want to make sure I am ordering the correct part. any insight and suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
  17. NF (2006-2010) Sonata
    Good Afternoon, I changed my oil and noticed that the oil was milky 😬 so I phoned a friend. He asked if te oil smelled like gas. I told him that it did and he told me it’s probably not a head gasket like had originally thought it may have been. My car only has 88,000 miles. It’s a manual 5 speed...
  18. MC (2006-2011) Accent
    I bought a used Accent from a family member and expected to just replace the fuel pump and battery (it sat for a few months from dying on them randomly) Instead, I bought a new battery, fuel pump, and crank position sensor. After those were replaced the car ran fine... Until I filled it with...
  19. YF (2011-2014) Sonata/i45
    So i recently purchased a 2014 sonata gls with 150k on it, the car has been well maintained from what i can see on the carfax, it drives really well and shifts fine except in a scenario where im slowing down to like 15mph and hit the gas again its like it downshifts and is in high rpm and hangs...
  20. Y2-EF(1989-2005) Sonata
    I recently purchased a 2003 Hyundai Sonata 2.7l V6 with the intention of fixing it up and making it my own. So far, I’ve got what I payed for. Above, you’ll see the engine with the cover removed. I have found burnt oil on a certain part of the intake manifold, and when I look back near where...
1-20 of 48 Results