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    Hi, I have a 2013 Hyundai i20 which I bought a week ago. The braking power in general is ok, but not great. Also the handbrake lever is too easy to pull up. And when I parked uphill this weekend, the car was rolling away even though the handbrake was fully engaged. Yesterday I decided to...
  2. i20 Forum
    2012 i20 (UK) Disc Rear Brakes with Handbrake Shoes inside Disc. I could find very little on this online, most videos were little help, hopefully this will help others. Notes numbered same as images. 1. Fitting Pads simply requires removing two 14mm set screws. Piston simply pushes back with...
  3. ix20
    Hi, How do I tighten the ix20 handbrake? I changed all rear pads easily enough but cannot see how to adjust the handbrake / tighten it. It comes up quite high, well pretty much all the way, and is quite slack when down with no tension for a couple of inches on the way up. No videos anywhere...
  4. i800/iload
    Handbrake has to be pulled right up to get it to work. Won't hold on a hill. Is there an easy way to adjust it as nothing happens until the 5th click? Pads look fine as do the disks and nothing is binding. Thanks all