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  1. i10 2nd Generation 2014-2019
    Hi All, I have a 2015 Grand i10 Fluid 1.25L model (based in South Africa), the non-leather seats version. I recently (End of November 2021) got my work mechanic to assist me with my 90 000km service, this included changing the following: • Oil Filter & Sump Plug • Oil (5W30 Synthetic Oil as...
  2. i10 Forum (Please post in the correct sub forum)
    M using grand i10 sports 2019 model.. All of a sudden the infotainment has stopped functioning It reflects the error Unable to load kernal image Press any key to fastload_boot Switching off the car had not worked Any idea how to resolve it
  3. i10 2nd Generation 2014-2019
    Oil leak under engine, Is it the rear main seal? Im not sure what it is, If yes, is it covered under warranty? It isn’t leaking much as of now but is it bad?
  4. i10 2nd Generation 2014-2019
    HI, Is it possible to install hill hold control in grand i10 without voiding its warranty. Also will it work only in steep hills or will work on moderate situations as well. Any help is appriciated. Regards, Sidd
  5. i10 2nd Generation 2014-2019
    Hello, Listen to the sound in the above link. It's coming from the engine when climbing a ramp slowly by holding the clutch(a little) along with increasing the acceleration. Sound increases as the acceleration increased. Showed it in the showroom and they said it will go once service is...
1-5 of 5 Results