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  1. Getz Forum
    Hi Newbie here with a reliable 2017 i30SR and problem child Getz. Background my missus owns the Getz for 4 years as runabout, and last week she went to shops, and she returned after 15 minutes, she failed to unlock the car central locking with the remote key. She tried the ignition key in door...
  2. Getz Forum
    Long story hope you stay to the end! Soft brakes replaced fluid with dot 3 bleed up. Still soft.. No leaks, Greased up all brakes slides. Still soft.. Replaced 1× front and 1 × rear caliper as pistons were tight. All disc brakes, Bleed up, still soft.. Visually watched all pistons moving...
  3. Getz Forum
    Good evening everyone. I just bought my first Getz this week. I've always loved the shape and size of the Getz and finally able to afford a nice one. My Getz is 01/2007 built. 1.4L 5spd manual. 5dr hatch. 120,000kms Grey/blue colour. I've only driven it a few times since I bought it and...
1-3 of 3 Results