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  1. Genesis Forum
    Hey everyone, I know this is not a Hyundai-Genesis with Genesis being its own brand now, but I thought you guys as owners and enthusiasts would enjoy to see where Genesis is now with the all-new GV80 I reviewed. If you have any questions about my experience with it, let me know! Cheers - Matt
  2. Genesis Forum
    Let’s go for the FIRST DRIVE with GENESIS GV80. Did you guys enjoy our 1st live streaming that showed the design of Genesis GV80? Now during this 2nd live session, we will show you how this Genesis GV80, the 1st SUV from Genesis actually drives on the road. Can it drive better than Genesis G90...
  3. Genesis Forum
    Genesis is planning to launch another SUV - 2nd SUV called Genesis GV70. It will be little brother of Genesis GV80. It would be heavily influenced by Genesis G70 sedan. So, let’s see what is difference between Genesis GV80 and Genesis GV70. Let’s begin.
  4. Genesis DH 2015-
    Today, we have Genesis G90 5.0 with us. Because i just wanted to have ask anything session with it. Genesis G90 was introduced here in Korea on Nov. of 2018. It is big brother of Genesis G80, and it is working as the flagship sedan from Genesis. 2019 Genesis G90 -5.0 V8 - 425hp (6,000rpm) /...
  5. Genesis Forum
    Hi, Guys. Time for another spy shot review. Last time we talked about Genesis G80, but today let’s talk about Genesis GV80, which will be 1st SUV from Genesis. As SUV demands grow Genesis will launch GV80 for the 1st time and GV70 will follow the SUV line up within a year. So, let me show you...
1-5 of 5 Results