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  1. Kona 1st Generation (2018–2023)
    Hi, I have a 2021 Kona full hybrid on lease which I don’t believe has ever had an entertainment system update (despite a recent service). Apple CarPlay is really unreliable etc. I now understand after wasting a lot of time on the nav updater that I should have the Gen2v firmware. Can someone...
  2. i20 Forum
    Hi, I've just bought an I20 econext 2016 with bluetooth (NO nav, NO touch) and "vocal assistant". I've been looking for some info everywhere but i couldn't get any. The iusse is: while the smartphone is connected by bluettoth to the radio -set on Bluetooth Audio- and while is no sound playing...
  3. Tucson Forums
    I can't seem to update my 2019 Tucson. I downloaded the update for the DiIsplay Audio and followed the instructions. Formatted my drive as FAT32. I've tried about 6 different USB drives. Still says it can't find the file(s). Am I doing something wrong? I've also tried going into engineering mode...
  4. i30 & Elantra Touring Forum
    Hello there, I've tried to open engineering mode on my new i30 from 2021 and every password found on internet failed. Maybe someone know witch pass will be good? Thanks in advance :)
  5. MD (2011-2016) Elantra sedan/coupe
    Purchased an used 2013 Elantra limited for my daughter. How do you find out if the nav, bluetooth, radio has the latest firmware?
1-5 of 5 Results