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  1. USB not charging iPhone

    i10 1st. generation 2007-2014
    Can anyone help? We have just bought a second hand i10 (2012) which has AUX & USB ports (clearly marked "iPod"). I have tried numerous Apple (and non-Apple) USB-Lightning cables to connect to both an iPhone and an iPod. The display says "Reading" but what is immediately not working is that the...
  2. Wireless CarPlay Adaptor - Reading USB error

    Wondering if anyone else has had experience with the CarPlay2Air (or CPLAY2air) wireless adaptor for CarPlay on their vehicle? The CarPlay2Air adaptor is a little box with a USB cable. You plug it in to the regular USB spot where you would plug in for wired CarPlay to your iPhone. Once you...
  3. USB Retention with CarPlay?

    RB (2012-2017) Accent
    Does anyone know a retention adapter or replacement for the usb/aux that connects to an after market stereo and supports CarPlay? I have the Metra AX-HYKIA-USB, but have found it to be reliable with CarPlay (should have read the reviews and I would have known). For the time being, I have run a...