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  1. DM (2013-2019) Santa Fe
    Started a new post in hopes of more people seeing it. Ok Santa Fe owners, I'm asking for opinions and any additional advice you may have. Update, as of 7-20-22. Dealership finally looked at my 2014 Santa Fe Sport (104,500 miles) and confirmed the Engine is seized and locked up. Said they...
  2. YF (2011-2014) Sonata/i45
    Has anyone had any luck getting a new engine because their engine froze? I brought my 2012 Sonata to a mechanic, because it wouldn't start. He told me that my engine froze and would need to be replaced. I brought the car into the dealer for recall 132 (metal shavings from the factory causing...
  3. YF (2011-2014) Sonata/i45
    So I was accelerating onto the expressway when I lost all drive, and the engine light cane on and I coasted to the emergency lane. No warning prior. I had it towed to a neighborhood mechanic and he said he couldnt hand crank the engine, that it was seized. So I towed it to the dealership...
1-3 of 3 Results