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electrical installation

  1. Tucson Forums
    How can I reduce EMF emissions in my 2019 Tucson? I turned off the dash display, but it's still really hard to be in the vehicle for more than a couple minutes. I'm not sure which functions are the problem. I know the key operates via bluetooth, and you literally can't start the car without...
  2. 2018 Accent
    Hi all, I'm installing an el light wire in the door card and i can't figure which wire i can connect to. I'd like to use the electric window wire but does anybody know which wires are the positive and negative out of the block or have a better idea. Complete noob at this so any help is appreciated
  3. Australia
    Does anyone know what is plugged into the blank port? I want to put the switch for my lightbar there but I don’t know if what’s plugged in there is important