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electrical failures
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  1. HD (2006-2010) Elantra
    Neither the back lock or windows open. Sometimes I can open the locks with the beeper or sometimes I have too do it from the drivers door many times till opens. The back windows just opened manually from the driver side.
  2. HD (2006-2010) Elantra
    I have an Elantra 2008, some months ago my battery died unexpectedly. It just died overnight, jump starting it didn't work so I had to replace the battery myself. After that I tested that everything worked but I noticed some things weren't working. The wipers worked the first time I turned the...
  3. GD (2013-2017) Elantra GT
    I have come to find out that I absolutely love my car.. until I don't. I am currently feeling the latter. Here's why... So the other day I'm driving my 2016 elantra gt base model, when all of a sudden i lose power steering, my dash gauges go ape snot, and, well, long story short, my electronics...
1-3 of 3 Results