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  1. UK
    I have set a charge schedule on my ioniq electric 2017 but this seems to automatically turn off every time after charging the car. The scheduled charge should stay on indefinitely. Has anyone has this issue? Note, I haven't even been pressing the button to temporarily turn of the charge...
  2. Ioniq Forum
    Hi How change software and map from korea to middle east Thank you
  3. Getz Forum
    Hi, does anyone have a wiring diagram for Getz 1.1l 2003?
  4. Kona forum
    I test drove a rechargeable fully electric mid-trim EV Kona ('Preferred' trim in Canada). I did like that it feels just like a regular gas car. It's not too small inside, and the controls are generally easy to use (with some exceptions). It is not a sporty car by any means despite the...