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elantra 2019

  1. AD (2017+) Elantra
    My drivers side mirror was knocked off while I was parked. I am ordering a replacement and there are 2 options. The first option is mirror assembly with blind spot detection and with signal lamp the second option is with blind spot detection and without signal lamp. My car did not originally...
  2. AD (2017+) Elantra
    Hello, My company just purchased this car. It's got 14K miles on it. I got it yesterday and it beeps every 50 seconds. No dash lights. Seatbelts on. Car on or off. It beeps. Why? Hyundai customer care and dealership service dept can't tell me either.
  3. PD (2018+) Elantra GT
    Hey there, first time posting here. I'm confused about the names for the Elantra across the line. I checked our vehicle VIN and it says it's the 2019 Elantra Preferred on the Hyundai website when I was looking at our warranty (out of Essential, Preferred, Luxury and Ultimate) , but I'm trying...