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  1. AD (2017+) Elantra
    Hey guys I have a 2018 Hyundai Elantra Sel and I wanted to see if anyone has installed any paddle shifters or knows where I can get a kit from?
  2. PD (2018+) Elantra GT
    Hi, This is my first Hyundai! I picked up a 2018 Hyundai Elantra SEL with 9900 miles on it and so far everything is great. I noticed it has a DCT transmission and have watched a few videos on YouTube about them and how they work. Is there any tips I should follow to make is last a long time? I...
  3. PD (2018+) Elantra GT
    Okay I have a question so recently there have been issues going on in my marriage and I'm trying to get away from the situation I'm in because it's not healthy and it's actually quite scary there is a GPS system on my 2018 Hyundai Elantra which allows my husband to see where I'm at every minute...
  4. PD (2018+) Elantra GT
    Hi guys! So i have an Elantra 2018- that does not have ‘a Drive Mode’ button. And since it does not have that button i never toggled between Normal & ECO drive. I have this car since 2018 Dec. Yesterday, Somehow I noticed that the ECO drive is turned on and the green light in the dash is...
  5. AD (2017+) Elantra
    Got into a minor accident and the mechanic suggested to replace the headlight along with the front bumper. Besides cosmetic scratch along the outside edge of the light, it's in great condition and works fine. Anyone in need?
    Greetings; I love my Elantra BUT I find the GPS ETA and traffic data to be very disappointing compared to my Garmin GPS. Here are some examples: The GPS has an option to display traffic and road conditions. The dealer told me this option is not available in Canada. In a recent trip to the US...