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  1. 2009 Santa Fe 2.2 Diesel TPS and Variable Swirl Issues

    Santa Fe Diesel Models
    Good Evening Team I am really hoping someone can offer some advise on the issues I am having with my 2009 Santa Fe! The car has been in some form of limp mode for some time, not wanting to go over 3k rpm in the higher gears and showing errors P2113 (TPS sensor 'b' minimum stop performance) and...
  2. Santa Fe Turbo keeps blowing!!

    Santa Fe Diesel Models
    Hi there. My beloved 2007 diesel Santa Fe is just not happy with me. I blew the turbo in October 2017, stupidly let a special hillbilly deluxe mechanic work on her. 25 kms later she still wasn’t happy with a sucking noise so we went back to him. He told me the dpf was blocked and he had to...