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  1. 2008 Santa Fe limited dash speaker grill

    Santa Fe Forums (Please Post In The Correct Sub F
    Looking for a dashboard speaker grill in decent shape
  2. I am being suntanned in my car because the HUD and interior lights dim switch is being weird

    MD ( 2011-2016) Elantra sedan/coupe
    Ok I have a 2013 Elantra 4 door GLS, love it, it's great. I always drive with my lights on because people drive very aggro in my city so I use the dimmer switch to the left of the steering wheel alot, the one I took a pic of, to turn down the brightness of the dash/interior lights when I drive...
  3. Dashboard lights are not working on my i20

    i20 Forum
    Hello, I own the Hyundai i20 2012 58kw 1.2i. I began to wonder why the lights (indicators) on the radio, temperature control and fan control don't work. I checked if any fuses (Power Connectors check, IGN2, Cluster, ACC) were damaged but they were not. I am wondering If It can be caused by...
  4. Replacing center dash speaker

    LF (2015+) Sonata/i45
    The center speaker on my 2015 Hyundai Sonata limited seems to be blown out. Does anyone know of a video or site that describes how to replace it? I’m guessing I’ll have to either remove the dashboard or something along those lines. Also, what is the replacement size speaker for this, is it...