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cruise control

  1. Has anyone used the aftermarket cruise control

    H-1, H-100, Starex & iMAX Forums
    Hello, I own the 2010 Hyundai Grand Storex diesel in Korea. I'm hoping to equip my grand storex with cruise control because of frequent long-distance driving but unfortunately my grand storex is the type that does not support cruise control in normal ecu, so I'm inevitably pondering aftermarket...
  2. 2019 Santa Fe Cruise Control Problems

    LC (2000-2005) Accent
    My 2019 Santa Fe seems to have a serious cruise control problem. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t work. Today, while driving on the freeway, it detected a car on the right front fender that wasn’t there and slammed down the brakes. Scared the crap out of me! Is this common?
  3. Looking for steering wheel parts help

    RB (2012-2017) Accent
    I apologize in advance if my questions have already been asked and answered. I want to retrofit my US spec 2015 Accent GLS with steering wheel mounted cruise and audio controls (but NOT Bluetooth). I’ve read many posts about adding a wiring overlay for the cruise functions. I do this kind of...
  4. Intermittent Cruise Control Failure

    Genesis BH 2009-2014
    My 2009 Genesis has been an very reliable car until about a month ago. The a/c has been used very heavily for 10 years and it was blowing air that wasn’t cold enough to be effective. I brought it to a very reputable garage and they had to replace the compressor. The problem now is that ever...