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  1. i10 1st Generation 2007-2014
    Hi all! I would like to have some clarification about my Hyundai i10 2013 1.1 because I am literally lost. I have been running with my car just perfectly for about all this years, been taking care of it like a baby. Lately I have found some leakage on top side of coolant radiator, I said to...
  2. LM (2010-2015) Tucson/IX35
    My 2013 Tuscon's temperature gauge in the Cluster panel, randomly shows no temp at all, and then the engine light comes on. I stop the car and turn it off and back on, and then the temp gauge works again most of the time. I was curious to hear anyone's thoughts as to if this may be the Coolant...
1-2 of 2 Results