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  1. AC Compressor rattle Elantra 2011 MD

    MD ( 2011-2016) Elantra sedan/coupe
    I have a Elantra 2011 MD with 108k, and a few time I hear a noise from the AC Compressor, but is when the day is very hot, and the Cabin isn't cold. When the cabin is cold o when the liquid pipe refrigerant is very cold the noise dissapear. I used a termometer in the vent grill and the...
  2. A/C compressor stopped working

    TG (2006-2011) Azera
    I was recently driving around and using the heater when I smelled a burning plastic smell from under the hood. It seemed like it was coming from the front passenger side of the engine bay but I couldn't see anything burnt or see any smoke. After that drive it went away. Just the other day it was...
  3. Air Con Gas pressure too high

    i20 Forum
    Hi, I decided to top up my air con gas as my air con unit isn't as efficient in cooling as it used to be on my i20 2014 model. I popped down to Halfords for a canister of 'EZChill' refrigerant, I followed the instructions on the can and checked the pressure before I preceded. The pressure gauge...