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  1. Veracruz Forum
    I checked the audio1 and audio2 fuses under the steering wheel, and the memory fuses labeled B+1 and B+2 under the hood. Both were fine, but I replaced all 4 just in case. Tried the radio out and was wondering if the Veracruz was manufactured with inline fuses behind the radio compartment. I...
  2. Santa Fe Diesel Models
    Hey! Can anybody help withcd player! All the time when i put cd in, its throw back “error 5” and eject cd out! What could i do?
  3. YF (2011-2014) Sonata/i45
    I'm just curious about the factory CD player. Does it not have an option to program specific tracks to play? Would be a nice feature when I'm playing CDs. Obviously I would only use it while stopped or parked.
  4. LC (2000-2005) Accent
    Every time I try a CD, whether store bought or burned, new or old, it spits it out after a few seconds. Does not play anything, assuming it doesn’t even get far enough to read the disc. No error, just decides it can’t play them. I tried two different lense cleaner discs but it won’t play...
1-4 of 4 Results