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  1. Bluetooth issue - Connected but cannot hear iPhone audio

    TM (2019+) Santa Fe
    This past week I suddenly am not able to stream my phone audio apps to my 2019 Santa Fe sound system. I get the "Bluetooth Connected" popup, but all that happens is the "sounds" (beach, rain, etc.) that are available on the vehicle audio system start playing. In the past I would see the icon to...
  2. 2012 IX35 Microphone

    Tucson/IX35 LM Models
    Hello, I have a 2012 IX35 Highlander. I have my phone connected via Bluetooth but when I call people they can barely hear me. No idea where the microphone is if there is one and not sure how to fix this issue as it is very frustrating as I need to use the phone on the road for my job. Any tips...
  3. i20 Bluetooth Spotify Samsung

    i20 Forum
    Hello. I just brought a i20 Premium SE 2015. Trying to plug my Samsung phone to charge via USB, have the bluetooth on so I can listen to spotify and make hands free calls (using the wheel buttons). But my music stops playing after a few seconds of playing. Any suggestions on how I can get this...
  4. Blutooth problem

    Santa Fe Diesel Models
    I recently bought a 2106 plate Santa Fe and I am very pleased with it. One niggle however is the Bluetooth on mobile calls. I have an Iphone 7+ which connects to the Santa Fe without a problem, but when a call comes in or I make an outgoing call the speech is clipped and I can only hear the...
  5. 2015 Sonata with both radio preset resetting and bluetooth connectivity issues

    Sonata All Hybrid Models (YF/LF)
    These problems have lingered for years and is frustrating. First radio presets: Radio Presets If I turn the circular volume dial too fast, my radio goes into signal search mode, and creates new presets. This is incredibly frustrating and I've given up listening to the radio. Is this a driver...
  6. 2013 Elantra Limited firmware updates

    MD ( 2011-2016) Elantra sedan/coupe
    Purchased an used 2013 Elantra limited for my daughter. How do you find out if the nav, bluetooth, radio has the latest firmware?
  7. Bluetooth not working in 11 Elantra Limited

    LC (2000-2005) Accent
    I’ve had a lot of issues with my car. My Bluetooth no longer working being the most current issue. I’ve streamed music via my phone’s Bluetooth for years, up until last weekend when it just stopped working. The “initializing Bluetooth connection” message will flash on the top of my screen and...
  8. Veloster won't let me delete my phone from its connections.

    Other Hyundai Models
    So my 2013 Veloster has been having trouble with bluetooth ever since i got it. Today, however, has been the worst. Heres a timeline: 1.) I connect and start playing music 2.) I am disconnected and the Veloster in connections is replaced by FSproject_BT 3.) I try deleting the FSproject_BT from...
  9. Bluetooth - Phone works on seat but not when on holder over radio?

    MD ( 2011-2016) Elantra sedan/coupe
    This is strange. When I place my phone on the magnet holder that is inserted in the CD slot, it does not play anything through the system on Bluetooth. When I remove it and place on my lap or the seat, sounds comes through. The bluetooth connection never changes, never disconnects. I'm stumped.
  10. Iphone 6s compatibility to sound system

    New Member Area/Introduction
    Ever since IOS 13.1.2 came out on my iphone, I have been unable to connect via bluetooth, nor USB to my sound system. I get "Connection Error" with the USB and the blue tooth just disconnects as soon as I try to use streaming media. The phone still works. It worked before IOS 13.1.2 flawlessly...
  11. Just bought a 2006 Sonata and Need advice for adding AUX or Bluetooth accessories!

    NF (2006-2010) Sonata
    Are there any good options for adding AUX or bluetooth capabilities in the 2006 Sonata? I have looked everywhere but can't find a good one. Any help? Thanks!
  12. 2011 FD i30 Bluetooth Static

    i30 & Elantra Touring Forum
    Hi, I'm currently borrowing an i30(RHD, in Australia) from a family member and I may eventually buy it from them. There is a problem that has shown up with the Bluetooth audio, it connects to my phone and functions correctly, however, the driver's side speaker is very quiet and has static. The...
  13. 2011 Sonata Limited, stereo issue that cannot seem to be fixed!

    YF (2011-2014) Sonata/i45
    Hey everyone! I'm new to this site, and I have been trying so hard to get this issue sorted out. Hopefully someone has some advice for me. For the past year and a half or so, I've had the same issue with my radio where sometimes if I hit a bump or the car gets jostled in any sort of way, my...