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blind spot detection

  1. Palisade Forum
    Recently, our Palisade is throwing "Check Blind Spot Collision Monitoring system error" and "Forward Collision Error". These errors come on when driving for a bit and than when the vehicle is restarted it will go away for while than come back on. I was wondering if there are any recalls or...
  2. TM (2019+) Santa Fe
    This morning my car took control of itself, and as I was left turning the wheel turned itself counter clockwise and I slid into the sidewalk. I wasn’t able to control the car. I nearly hit a light pole. There were absolutely no cars on the road at this time. A blind spot collision detection...
  3. LF (2015-2019) Sonata/i45
    The Second stage alert audible warning for the BDS is not working; I have verified that BDS is turned on and warning light illuminate on the outside side view mirrors. Any ideas what could be causing the problem? TIA.