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  1. Amica & Atoz Forum
    Good Day, First post.... Hi. Question: The fuel pump relay is as I understand it in the same housing as the ECM on the passenger side footwell. It is however a devil too gain access too (I've looked at it from all angles) and I need to disconnect the relay in order to release pressure too...
  2. Amica & Atoz Forum
    Greetings, my Atos' engine refuses to start, after I took it to an electrician he messed with the ignition coil's wires and he cut them off without solving the issue, now I don't even know which wires go where, so I'd like that you help me with this issue, wiring diagrams would be very helpful...
  3. Amica & Atoz Forum
    Hello everyone, I recently got to borrow my grandma's car and i noticed that the transmission vibrates alot through the stick. Does anyone know if this is normal on a 2005 atos or should i get it checked out? The car has run for 90.000km/h. Thank you!
1-3 of 3 Results