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  1. New Member Introductions
    I am having issues with the AC on my 2009 Elantra. Had the codes checked and it comes up as a B2406 Air Mix Motor Driver. Can anyone tell me if that is the same as a HVAC Blend Door Actuator. Has anyone replaced this part. Any advice would be appreciated
  2. i10 2nd Generation 2014-2019
    i10 2017 . . . Can anyone please tell me where under the bonnet/car the condensation drainage pipe from the air conditioner passes through the vehicles bulkhead/under-tray to drain and can be located. Condensation is not draining out onto the ground but seems to be overflowing into the drivers...
  3. DN8 (2020+) Sonata
    2021 Limited Strange message popped up on my nav display yesterday... Something about a dump file being sent... Wish i had taken a picture of the message. The outside temperature showed 32F and AC compressor would not kick in even with thermostat on Lo. After driving for 2 minutes, the issue...
  4. i20 Forum
    I have the 2015 i20, that is currently out of warranty. My car has a peculiar problem wherein the ac stops cooling after maybe one hour of driving. If I then switch off the ac and change the intake to outside, I get cooler air. After sometime, I can switch on the ac and I will get cold air for...
  5. LC (2000-2005) Accent
    2002 accent 1.6 auto. Recently got this car despite certain problems. The engine runs well and it mostly works well. But the AC will shut off and quit blowing as soon as I turn on the headlights. But, when i turn off the lights, i can restart the AC and it starts blowing again. I haven't...
  6. MD (2011-2016) Elantra sedan/coupe
    I have a Elantra 2011 MD with 108k, and a few time I hear a noise from the AC Compressor, but is when the day is very hot, and the Cabin isn't cold. When the cabin is cold o when the liquid pipe refrigerant is very cold the noise dissapear. I used a termometer in the vent grill and the...
1-6 of 6 Results