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  1. CM (2007-2012) Santa Fe
    Had this car for a month now and the ac never worked when i got it. So got all the components to redo it in hopes everything should go smoothly... Well installing was pretty easy but when it came to filling it with refrigerant thats where my problems started. When i initially put the gauges on...
  2. Y2-EF(1989-2005) Sonata
    2004 V6 2.7 Sonata I cant figure out how to lower or loosen the Tensioner Pulley. It looks like from viewing videos and drawings that I just use a 3/8 drive head on the ratchet and set to tighten. Put the head into the idler pulley slot and start tightening and this pulls the tensioner down...
  3. SM (2001-2006) Santa Fe
    Okay so I have had this issues for about 2 weeks and I’ve only limped around town a few times but I can not figure it out I have a 02 Santa Fe 4wd 2.7 and when I put it in drive it goes straight to 3rd gear I’ve replaced the speed input sensor with a new one and no change once a blue moon it...
  4. Y2-EF(1989-2005) Sonata
    The CPS in this vehicle, if I go by the dealer's information, appears to be the one for the 2.4L. The pigtail on it has the black plug with one rounded side. The one that the dealer says is supposed to be in it has a rectangular green plug on the pigtail. So, anyway, I bought the one that...
1-4 of 4 Results