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  1. NX4 (2022+) Tucson
    Hey everyone, I recently spent the week with the 2022 Tucson and I thought you guys as owners / enthusiasts would appreciate it most! Happy to answer any questions about my experiences with it too :) Cheers all! Matt
  2. NX4 (2022+) Tucson
    Hey everyone, I posted something similar on reddit but thought I'd just give it a shot here as well. I'm wondering if anyone else is having this issue with their 2022 Tucson. I got mine in May and in less than two weeks (<900km), I noticed the steering wheel would shimmy/wobble intermittently on...
  3. NX4 (2022+) Tucson
    Hello everyone! If this is a dup, my apologies, I was unable to find this topic anywhere. Does anyone know how the ambient lighting is wired in the new Tucson? I am looking to upgrade the lighting to more areas but I want to keep all the settings and system intact with the existing ambient...
  4. NX4 (2022+) Tucson
    I found a few links to accessories like the all weather floor mats and cargo tray. Feel free to post more sources with better prices if someone can find any, thanks!
  5. NX4 (2022+) Tucson
    I'm a bit disappointed in the new 2022 Hyundai Tucson Premium. They nickeled and dimed on a few key items - no exhaust pipe exposure integrated in the bumper, no electric side swivel mirrors, no hydraulic hood props, the seat cushions are kinda thin, no wireless Android auto in premium and has...
  6. NX4 (2022+) Tucson
    I have a CX-5 2015 with no issues at all bought it used with 100 thousand miles I really like the sporty drive it has but I just felt in love with the 2022 Tucson it has all the things my Mazda is missing and it just looks great but everyone tells me that hyundai are not a good choice because...
  7. NX4 (2022+) Tucson
    Tucson fans, I have exciting news today. As you know the current model will be the same for 2021. but I got a tip about the next gen, Tucson NX4 which is now scheduled to debut on Sept. 14. Attaching a few screenshots here
1-7 of 7 Results