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  1. Hi

    HG (2012-) Azera
    I have a 2020 azera with roughly 50k kms now. Since I bought it new it always leaked air through the panoramic sunroof at maybe 180 km/h. Went to dealership and i all i got from the guy there is that im going too fast ???? And he cleaned and greased it. But still there’s an air leak sound coming...
  2. TL (2016-2021) Tucson/IX35
    I'm wondering if someone has any ideas on how to resolve an issue I'm having with my android auto. I have a Google Pixel 6A phone, Hyundai Tuscon 2020, and in Canada, just so you know. I use the cable that came with my phone to plug into my car in order to use my android auto. My data is on and...
  3. DN8 (2020+) Sonata
    I've had the car for 2 years. It only has 14K miles. I drive about 500 miles a month. Runs fine, but...... Starting in the summer, the solar panel didn't seam to be charging the battery as well as before. The mpg slipped to mid 40's. Then in September the mileage went down to 40 mpg. Has...
  4. DN8 (2020+) Sonata
    I can’t seem to fine much of anything for the ‘21 Sonata 2.5L. Has any one had any luck with after market Exhaust or Cold air intake? thanks.
  5. TM (2019+) Santa Fe
    This is regarding the ISG system. After driving around for a bit, whenever I am at a traffic light the engine turns off as expected. It is when I take my foot off the brake that I see very inconsistent behavior. On certain occasions, engine starts up -> electronic parking brake releases ->...
  6. TL (2016-2021) Tucson/IX35
    I'm so frustrated with my new car. Bought it less than a year ago and literally the first week I bought it it started having problems with starting. It doesn't happen all the time but at least once a week. I noticed a pattern, I would drive for like 20-30 minutes. And if I try to start a car an...
  7. TM (2019+) Santa Fe
    Hey all! proud new owner of this 2020 Calypso Red INT(blk/tan) fully spect'd all-wheel drive. 7th car I've owned. I'm not a brand loyalist....(Saturn>Mazda>Isuzu>BMW>Merc>Acura>NOWHyundai) but this is my first new car purchase. Couldn't pass up the incentives + warrently + 3 years free...
  8. DN8 (2020+) Sonata
    Hello all, I am new to the forums and wondering if any is having (or has had) this weird annoying problem. I bought a 2020 Sonata SEL Plus last week and noticed that whenever I use the remote start, the auto climate control turns on despite me having turned it off and set things (like air...
  9. TM (2019+) Santa Fe
    So Hondas have a feature where the “Now Playing” is displayed in the left/right of speedometer. And this works with AppleCarplay too, Spotify is slick. Does the 2020 SantaFe have this feature?
1-10 of 10 Results