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2017 tucson

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  1. Australia
    gday again everyone, Have installed the JVC into the tucson and solved the reverse switch reverse and it switches to show camera....but now no image but displays no signal..also the unit is on on constant power and has to be manually turned off. once agaion any help wpould be...
  2. Canada
    I've got a 2017 Hyundai Tucson and for some reason I guess the engine stalled on me two nights ago. Got it towed to my mechanic. He called me yesterday saying that it looks like my engine ran out of oil. No clue how that's possible, drove it for about 5000km. Was gonna change it soon as it was...
  3. TL (2016-2021) Tucson/IX35
    There is a new software update for the Navigation AND Android Auto/Apple CarPlay available (about $220.00CDN). I use Waze (I'm a beta tester for Android Auto) through the head unit so really don't care about the Navigation update. I'm trying to understand what improvements or enhancements have...
1-3 of 3 Results