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2016 tucson

  1. 2016- Tucson/IX35 Models
    I need to remove both the passenger and driver front seats, they desperately need to be cleaned and I'm not sure how, can somebody help me please?
  2. New Member Area/Introduction
    Hi All, Vin from NY here, just picked up a 2016 Tucson SE and looking to swap a head unit out from the 5" generic to a 8" with Nav that i pulled from a wrecked 2016 Tucson. Currently added to a thread about his topic but will always take some pointers if anyone has them. The rear of the stock...
  3. 2016- Tucson/IX35 Models
    I just bought a 2016 base Tuscon and I've had a random issue with the ABS, Traction and Hill Assist Lights coming on. I don't notice anything wrong with the way it drives. Usually after a restart the lights go off. What can cause this and what is the fix? Someone on facebook said it is a vacuum...