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  1. LF (2015-2019) Sonata/i45
    Got in my sonata after work and as I drove home (32 miles) I thought I hit a pothole but it turned out my car was jolting every time it would downshift into 2nd and 1st. Took it to the dealer and they said my transmission fluid was dark and burnt. When I got my car back it drove normal again but...
  2. LF (2015-2019) Sonata/i45
    General Impressions: Thanks to this forum for helping me with my research. I went with used 2014 Santa Fe rims (19"x7.5") and 225/40-R19 Bridgestone POTENZA RE980AS tires. The car feels like a totally different beast! The tires are very fast to change direction now and give me more confidence at...
  3. LF (2015-2019) Sonata/i45
    Hello! I am looking at purchasing a used 2015 Sonata, but I had some questions. Is it possible to get leather seats on the SE model, or is that only an option on the sport or limited models? Also, if I were to replace the dash radio with one of the nicer touchscreen models found on the limited...
1-3 of 3 Results