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  1. LM (2010-2015) Tucson/IX35
    The backup camera on our 2012 Tucson Limited is blurry and not working well. First does anyone have a recommendation for a replacement camera? There are so many out there, some cheap, some expensive. Second, if I'm correct I need to just remove the interior hatchback panel, unclip the...
  2. LM (2010-2015) Tucson/IX35
    I have a 2012 Tucson that was recently stolen for my catylic converter. The theif punched my ignition and broke my driver side door lock. I had a locksmith come out 3 months ago and he re-keyed my car, kinda gave me a new door lock and replaced the lock cylinder and provider a new fob. ( didn't...
  3. LM (2010-2015) Tucson/IX35
    I wanted to share this to save others some time and expense. Symptom: numerous electrical devices not working, including headlights, power windows, backup lights, cabin lights. I spoke with neighbor who was a previous service manager, who suspected the security system. All new cars come with...
1-3 of 3 Results