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2008 accent

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    Ok guys long story, car started bogging out and just died while riding on the street. Its starts back up and runs awesome until it gets warm again. It also won't start up on really hot days. Its had all of its recall updates last one being the T83 Software update. Had codes for MAP and TPS...
  2. Accent 3G Document Library
    Got myself a 08 Hyundai Accent GLS automatic transmission . Whenever the overdrive (o/d ) is turned off my car is louder ... she won’t go into 4th gear just revved up . Whenever the overdrive is on she is more quiet and goes into 3rd&4th gear no problem . I’m honestly about to make this bitch a...
  3. New Member Area/Introduction
    never posted before so hello all. Looking for a tech for Hyundai/Kia with all data to maybe help me with a few questions or cross fingers service manual lol. 08 accent gs standard. Thanks in advanced
  4. MC (2006-2011) Accent
    Having headlight issues with my 2008 Hyndai Accent. If you turn the headlights on, neither work, but the high beams work by pulling the turn signal mutli switch towards me. I've tried replacing both headlight bulbs and both fuses in the interior fuse box for left and right side but still no...