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Gun Metal Gray
GLS with 3.3L engine
Bought New in 2006. Been a very good car up until the 100,000 warranty ran out. Had the ESC and Brake light problems like everyone else. Also had the passenger seat (no-passenger light problem) which they replaced or re-calibrated the seat pad.
At the 98,000 started having the problem with the timing chain noise when cold. At about 99,500 miles, but just over the 10 year warranty expired, they told me that it was the timing positioner sprocket on bank one Cam (back side) of my V6 engine going out and needed to be replaced. After a discuss on the mileage still being under the 100,000 mile warranty, and the fact they said they would have to use the newer redesigned Cam Positioners for both sides (could not get the original ones) and they would not work on my existing cams, they would have to be replaced cams, timing chains also. Sort story, Hyundai agreed to replace all the Parts Free if I would pay for the Labor of $1500.00. This meant they would have to replace the leaking valve cover at the Alternator also. I also ask, while it was torn down, to replace the spark plugs for an additional $90.00 parts cost. They had already quoted well over the $1500.00 for those 2 items alone. Came out good I though, and motor running fine.
2006 Hyundai Sonata (Gun Metal Gray)


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