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Sparkling Ruby
GL Manual Transmission
Bought at the end of June after taking it for a 20minute drive, it had 3kms when I took it out and now 5 months later I just rolled 5200kms no idea in miles!lol. We were going to get the Genisis 2.0T but with a 10 year old son climbing in the back everyday made us decide to hold off for now which was totally fine, we both actually loved the 'E' when it first came out said it had a sporty body design with very nice lines but with a little more room and it was a **** of a lot cheaper then the Genisis!:). So this colour was the only stick they had or coiuld even there hands on then, if I chose black or silver it would've been weeks due to number one the colour very popular colours and two those colours with a stick was even harder!:(. So I wanted the car and I wasn't waiting 2-3 weeks in case I got there and ' oh yeah sorry we're having troubles finding your car it's undeterminable when we may see it' speach again so we took Ruby!
To be honest I actually love the colour now it's all sparkley when it's clean and even more in the sun, as well we are getting Bronze rims which will go good with the Ruby colour.
So that's my story I'm sure it really matters but I'm bored, I go for my first oil change on Monday Nov,17/12 or whatever it is 13th I don't know, but I heard as you put more and more kms on a car the better they get in fuel mileage I mean I can't complain now but it'd be nice! UPDATED PICS VERY SHORTLY
2013 Hyundai Elantra (Sparkling Ruby)


K&N cone filter sucking in tons of air and sounds awesome as well!:)
Pro install of power wires etc. for stereo system.

To Come
custom stainless CAI tube to replace accordion style restrictive one.
Blue led's throughout the dash area, tried to hide the little LEDs do they just cast a glow in compartment's & cubby's up front etc.
Awesome iPhone mount where the iPhone/iPod cable will reach!
Just Plasti dipped the whole center grill area in Black, as well as where a rear diffuser would go only because I backed into a boulder in a pitch black parking lot the boulder left a couple grooves on the underside of the bumper cover this way it's hidden with the Plasti dip and looks okay for now!
I've put 6000k in my dtrl's as well as 7000k (I think it was) in my high beams which I never use!:(.
Installed a JL Audio 500.1 amplifier and a 1200 watt dvc 10" subwoofer. It's in a nice slot ported custom made box for this sub, as well as got the aftermarket iPhone harness that plugs into your factory deck.
Remote starter. Actually going in this week(Nov.14th)

Near Future. (summer of 2013)
New Kenwood in dash double din touchscreen GPS, DVD, etc. with the iPhone hookup as well.
Back up camera
New 6.5" component sets for doors
Alpine Amp. Newest one which lights up blue in the center so it matches the cars colour scheme as well they have gobs of power packed in a little box.
Wheel and Tire

Near Future

bronze coloured 17"-18" rims with widest tires I can get.



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