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Harbor grey
It was fall 2011. After researching ceaselessly I was dead set on either a new Elantra or a new Focus. Then I test drove that ford. I hated it. Went straight from there to the Hyundai dealership, they had one left in this light blue color. It looked great just sitting there. The salesman just went from alloy rims to the leather interior, oh man I was in love. Right up until I opened that door, the color scheme was almost enough to make me vomit. I wouldn't even test drive it, I drove to the next town north. Hyundai of Bradenton, they had just gotten 2 in that day, the last 2 without driving 2 more cities north or doubling back south for slimmer pickings. Salesman tells me they have 2, they just came off the truck today as he brings me right over to this dark blue limited, I loved the dark blue, but that tan leather against the grey and silver trim, uugh. "It looks great in grey" She had 5 miles on her, some woman had test driven her earlier. Really liked the color scheme, grey on grey, with silver. Took it for a test drive, loved it. Only time I've used the Tip Tronic to shift and not just see what gear she's in. Brought her back with 7 miles on her. "Here's my soul. Take it. Take it!" I took her home after a mountain of paperwork, it was getting dark out. Sold the Grey Squirrel to the salesman for his son on a hand shake and gave him the keys. (My 91 gen2 Camry LE v6, in faded silver.... FYI, my soul is worth 20k)....

2 weeks and a day later this kid tried to pass me from a right turn only lane at a traffic light, he got cut off, but instead of stopping, he floors it into construction to pass me kicks up a softball sized chunk of concrete. It hit just above the crease over the driver side head light on the hood, leaving 2 little dents you can only see in the right light, and cleared my car. The lesson I learned, if it involves a road and vehicle call the highway patrol (#347) not the police. Hopefully the kid learned a lesson too. I called every Publix for 3 town with a description of the kid, the car, the license plate, my police report number, and the kind of Publix uniform he was wearing.... Took a bet from the old man shortly after for $100 that I would make it the next 6 months without another scratch. Cashed it in the following summer. Still not a scratch....

My brother in St. Louis bought the same model, same, year, same color.... They've never met, nor did he even know that I had one

Went to Maui Hi, rented a silver Focus with 17 miles and the full tech package on it... Beat that thing up and down Haleakala, the volcano, and all the way around the road to Hana back around the island to our hotel, still prefer the Elantra.... Except for the wipers

2 years and 2 months with Elanna took her in to get an oil change (36,666) and have them look for the mysterious clunk in the front passenger side. She went up and down on the lift, started to get anxious, is it good, is bad, are they even going to find it this time. Last go around, the tech came and talked to me. I explained it to him, he drove it, didn't experience it, took the covers off couldn't find it. I left unhappy, but it didn't happen again for like 10k miles... This time I knew it was the worst when turning right. Loose axle nut? I'm not even sure what that is, say hello to new steering rack under warranty. Special thanks to Hyundai of Bradenton, bought her there and always serviced there. They even honor coupons from other places.
2012 Hyundai Elantra (Harbor grey)


Dino fuel, and Dino oil... Oldies, but goodies
Home link mirror (I have a car port)
Phantom and Furman decal

Rocking no valve caps (they keep walking away)

Installed the factory tow hook, saw it on here thought it looked cool, put it in with Loctite (to keep it from walking away, never needed it)
Pandora via my cell

Yoda hangs from the home link "Size is not everything" haven't had a passenger yet that hasn't tried him, or buckled their seat belt
Wheel and Tire
Got a set of RX8 wheels can't wait to have them painted and put on


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