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138418 miles, bought it from a little old lady across the street from me, car set for 2 1/2 year without being moved, it was going to be scrapped, I bought it for $ 220.00, replace timing belt kit and water pump, drive belts, removed valve cover, it very clean, changed motor oil, antifreeze, drained gas tank, dumped a can of system cleaner in tank, found record Transmission fluid flushed at 1/04/2007 108,793 miles, checked Transmission fluid looks clean, all 4 wheels brake locked up, complete brake job on front, freed up drum brakes on rear, check air filter, clean throttle body at opening and throttle plate throttle body cleaner and tooth brush, replaced all power steering lines and flushed, new battery, cabin air filter had been thrown away, put in new one, replace exhaust flex pipe, car runs good, before I cleaned throttle body engine idled fine, but know I can't get engine to idle below 1500 rpm, check engine lite is on, Finally got car in my wifes name, went to advance auto parts, he pulled code, he said idle air control stuck, i am hoping there is something i can do before spending $ 100,00 replacing it, Removed air control motor, Used carb. cleaner and a dozen Q-tips to get all the carbon cleaned out, drove the car up the road and expressway, Car run good and transmission shifted good, 4/6/15 took car to Hyundai for recalls, 066 recall installed valve assy-fuel cut solen, 091 recall, subframe and lower control arms had rust hole, installed crossmember assy-front, Arm complete, link assy-front stabilizer, replaced subframe and lower control arms and stab-links, New problem, Cigarette lighter doesn't work, factory cruise control not working, but cruise control light comes on when you try to turn on cruise, also service engine light is on again, went to advance auto parts, he pulled code, something about purge valve in vapor canister, he it was a generic code
2002 Hyundai Elantra (Gold)


stock engine, "note above"
None, been doing some cleaning, she smoked bad, can't get cigarette stains off, cigarette burn holes all over the place, hope I can get them all fixed,
none, front bumper replaced, going to have to do some body work, all over the car
I want replace the el-chapo stereo replaced, and I need a backup cam, I have too much trouble telling how close I am to the next Vehicle.
Wheel and Tire
Stock, took off broken hubcaps, painted rims, 4/22/15 put on two front tires today, was going to put the old from tires on the back, but I noticed that one of them was out of round, so as soon as I can I am going to by two matching tires, like I put on the front to put on the rear.


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