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General Information

Phantom Black Metallic
2011 Hyundai Sonata (Phantom Black Metallic)


- D2 Racing RS Coilovers
- Megan Racing Muffler w/ Dual Burnt Tips
- Hyundai Tuix Performance Rear Stabilizer Bar
- Technica Front Strut Tower Bar
- R1 E-Line Crossed Drilled Rotors w/ Ceramic Pads
- Weapon-R Neo Catch Can
- Weapon-R Neo Intake
- Neo Chrome Oil Cap, Fender Washers and other accents
- Neo Chrome Bumper Quick Release
- Purple Carbon Hydrodipped Covers
- KDM Brushed Aluminum Dash Panel and Door Inserts
- KDM Technica Brushed Aluminum Pedals and Footplate
- KDM Stereo Relocation Dash Kit
- KDM Vip Memory Foam Cushions
- Custom Push Button Start in Center Console
- Custom 7000K LED Panels in Dome and Map Lights
- Purple LEDs Vanity Mirrors
- Hyundai Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel w/ Paddle Shifters
- Hyundai Leather Wrapped Shift Knob
- ArtX Luxury Generation Suede Dash and Door Covers
- ArtX Luxury Generation Door Scuff Sills
- ArtX Luxury Generation Suede Trim
- ArtX Luxury Generation Steering Wheel Emblem
- Kamaru EG POP Black Carbonado Floor Mats
- Rearview Mirror w/ LED Tire Pressure and Temp Readings
- Junction Produce Kin Tsuna Rope and Purple Fusa Knot
- KDM 2013 Hyundai Sonata The Brilliant LED Taillights
- KDM 2013 Hyundai Sonata The Brilliant LED Folding Mirrors
- KDM 2013 Hyundai Sonata The Brilliant LED DRL Foglights
- KDM 2013 Hyundai Sonata The Brilliant Front Bumper
- KDM 2013 Hyundai Sonata Headlights w/ Clear Corner + LEDs
- KDM OEM Hyundai Sonata Window Visors
- KDM LED Rear Bumper Reflectors
- KDM Patmos LED Roof Spoiler
- Avery Satin Black Full Wrap
- 3M Di Noc Carbon Fiber Wrapped Chrome Accents
- Avery Gloss Black Roof
- NRG 100 Series Neo Chrome Lugs and Locks
- Ichiba 15mm Spacers Front
- Ichiba 5mm Spacers Rear
- 6000K LEDs License Plate and Reverse Lights
- Xenon Supply 6000K HID Low Beam
- 8000K LED DRL
- NEFD Lip Kit
iPad Mini 32G LTE
Wheel and Tire
- Incurve IC-S10 20x10.5 Dual Concave Candy Purple
- Sunny 235/35/20



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