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I’ve seen other post similar not not quite exactly my situation. I bought this car used with the passenger-side blinker doing double time and figure it was just a busted bulb and I would take care of it. Took out the bulb cradle and sure enough the bulb coil is split. So I replaced the bulb (2825), put the cradle back into place and gave it a shot; still hyper blinking. Checked the driver side And noticed that it wasn’t flashing at all when I flipped the indicator handle for a left turn. I checked that bulb and it’s fine. The forward facing driver and passenger side turn signal bulbs both work with the left turn flashing normally and the right turn still flashing in hyper speed. That’s two good bulbs working in the front, 1 good bulb not turning on on the driver side and 1 replaced bulb on the passenger side. Hope I’m not making this confusing. Just not sure where to start the process of elimination. Any ideas?


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Probably have a bad socket or a short somewhere. You could check this by removing the bulb from its socket and looking for voltage between the socket pins. If it reads 0 volts while the blinker is on then there's a short. I would check all sockets and try rotating/swapping the bulbs. If there's water in the socket that could cause a short. If you find a bad socket check the wiring nearby for charring/burning or any other obvious external damage. If you still can't find anything after all that; take it to a mechanic.