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  1. ABS Ring, Aerial and

    i20 Forum
    Bloody awesome, thank you very much for that! yep, pain about the abs ring, so it can't just be pulled off and another one replaced, has to be the complete outer joint kit? surely not?! can I ask where you got those drawings and part numbers? Would be handy for me to have that knowledge haha...
  2. ABS Ring, Aerial and

    i20 Forum
    Hi guys, Looking for the part number for the ABS ring for the front axle on a 2009 i20 1.2 Petrol Also not sure how to go about replacing the aerial base on the roof (antenna was ripped off) I seem to be almost ruining the headliner when I get close to it. While we are at it, looking to...
  3. Should I take engineering?

    Tiburon /coupe forums
    If you like physics and maths, in a way that applies to mechanical/electrical/chemical real world scenarios, then yes
1-3 of 3 Results