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  1. I bought a Palisade

    Palisade Forum
    Please wait a few months and you will be able get $4K off MSRP.
  2. What's happened to Sonata sales lately??

    LF (2015+) Sonata/i45
    I just returned my 2015 Sonata Se lease. It was a great commuter car and cost me very little in ownership cost over 3 years. I already own too many cars and chose not to replace the Sonata. If I did have to choose a new sedan, I honestly do not know what I would choose. The new Camry is...
  3. 2019 Santa Fe Spy Shots

    DM 2013+ LWB 7 Seater models
    I would not be surprised by the Turbo option, since the new Subaru Ascent will have a 4 cylinder turbo with around 270 hp.
  4. Dash cam recommendations

    AD 2017+ Elantra
    I have the VIOFO A119 and the A119s and both work fine for the needs I have, just simple video during the day and night. Just got the A119s and sometimes the screen shows a small red spot on the lens. I have not updated the firmware. I am always a little hesitant to update, since I bricked...
  5. 2018 Elantra detailed information

    AD 2017+ Elantra
    "deactivation special"? I thought that would be free. Enjoy your posts Rich.
  6. 2017 OTD price

    AD 2017+ Elantra
    Did you get the complimentary 3 years of Bluelink?
  7. Recalling certain 2015 sonata and genesis vehicles

    LF (2015+) Sonata/i45
    I received that recall notice this week. My parking brake switch has malfunctioned since day one. Sometimes it will work, but most times not. Not a big thing but annoying. Taking the Sonata in when I go for an oil change in September.
  8. 2018 Accord

    LF (2015+) Sonata/i45
    Went to see the 2018 Camry SE. It looked pretty good, but IMHO the Camry does not look as good in person as in the pictures. I would love to have been able to see the V6, but none were available. The interior is nice, but it did not seem upscale. Though, it was leaps and bounds better than...
  9. A 2.0T's slightly Biased review on a 2.4 SE LF

    LF (2015+) Sonata/i45
    The current generation Sonata began production in 2015 (I own one). The turbo is nice, but I don't think I would get one if it did not have a manual transmission.
  10. Altitude Issues

    LF (2015+) Sonata/i45
    You won't have any trouble with the 2.4L in Boulder. I own a 2015 Sonata SE and it has no problem with the hills in Boulder. I have driven it to Breckenridge, CO (elevation 9,000 ft) and it did struggle a little at the Eisenhower Tunnel, but not a real problem. Just enjoy your car and...
  11. milestar(?) tires

    GD (2013-2017) Elantra GT
    How much tread life must still be left on the tire to be considered good enough to turn in on a lease? I have 6 months left before I turn in my 2015 Sonata. It only has 15,000 miles.
  12. 2018 Elantra detailed information

    AD 2017+ Elantra
    Sorry, I got my forums mixed up. That was for a 2018 Sonata Limited 2.0T.
  13. A 2.0T's slightly Biased review on a 2.4 SE LF

    LF (2015+) Sonata/i45
    My 2015 SE drives like a dream and when I push the "sport" button it accelerates and tightens up the steering nicely. Very nice car-probably the best I have ever owned for under $20,000. I don't have the 7" screen and my seat does adjust up/down manually.
  14. 2018 Elantra detailed information

    AD 2017+ Elantra
    My local Hyundai dealer is offering $2,300 off MSRP on the 2018 Limited 2.0 turbo.
  15. Here are the 2018 hyundai sonata photos.

    LF (2015+) Sonata/i45
    I totally agree with your assessment after watching the video comparison. I don't mind the rear end and the front does not look as bad as the photos represent it to be. Not a bad car all in all. I think the look is growing on me. In the photos on the Hyundai website, the Sonata looks more...
  16. Here are the 2018 hyundai sonata photos.

    LF (2015+) Sonata/i45
    I totally agree - that front end is atrocious. The interior dash is looking more like a Chevrolet/Optima. Not a fan. I think the 2015-2017 looks better. The 2018 Sonata is going to get hammered by the Accord/Camry/Mazda 6.
  17. Built & Priced a 2018 Sonata on the Hyundai Website

    LF (2015+) Sonata/i45
    With both the Camry and Accord including safety features on all trims the dogfight will begin. I would not hesitate to purchase a similarly equipped Sonata if I could save $7-8K over the other two competitors. My 2015 Sonata has been a pleasure to drive. Sending it back in March. It only...
  18. Mileage on your LF Sonata

    LF (2015+) Sonata/i45
    14,000 miles on my 2015 SE. No problems at all and running great.
  19. How to save at least $7750 off a 2017 Limited or 2.0T (Sport & Limited)

    LF (2015+) Sonata/i45
    Those are insane prices for a car with a 10 yr warranty. I lease a 2015 Sonata SE and love it. I feel sorry for the people who paid nearly MSRP on the 2.0 only to have them marked down nearly 30+% now. Here in Colorado we have one advertised as being $9,600 off MSRP not including UBER or Boost.
  20. 2017 Santa Fe Sport body side moldings

    DM 2013+Santa Fe
    Those look great. I prefer the solid color rather than the chrome inserts - one less piece to separate or corrode.
1-20 of 46 Results