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  1. Hyundai venue brakes hard to push

    Other Hyundai Models
    Don't know what a 'Venue' looks like but Diesels usually have a vacuum pump to supply vacuum to the brake booster. If that fails, your brakes work like there was no brake booster installed ...
  2. 2.7 Hyundai tarjet motor fitting

    Trajet Forum
    put correct cap (not just 'some that looks nice') and go from there.
  3. 2001 Cylinder Misfire

    Y2-EF(1989-2005) Sonata
    That is NF Sonata harness, a low voltage cable (coils on front plugs, HT leads to back cylinders ). This forum is about EF Sonata (3 coils pack on front cylinder head side near battery, 6 HT leads individually to each plug). Please be specific about which vehicle you are talking about.
  4. Quality differences in Replacement Flex Pipes ?

    Y2-EF(1989-2005) Sonata
    They are all stainless. There is differences on how the flexible tubing inside the braid is made and if there's inner braid or not. That can be a simple corrugated pipe or a so called 'interlock' type tubing. The interlock type is the most robust/expensive. see here
  5. 2cm above max on the dipstick.

    Getz Forum
    What if you don't know your stick is correct and end up with 1.5 liter filled (from empty) at max mark ? Would you trust that and go on driving around ? If nominal fill of engine is 3 liter (which is apparently the correct amount) from empty, you pour 3 liters and the stick shows 2cm over...
  6. how to remove lower ball joints

    Entourage Forum
    Guess OP found a solution in the last 9 months since he never reported back ...
  7. Need radio wire help 2006 Elantra please.

    HD 2006-2010 Elantra
    Funny all speakers I've ever seen were marked with "+" and "-" or red/black terminals. It may not matter on a simple single speaker and as long as you like to listen to sine wave sound only (or news & weather reports) - but as soon as you have more than one they should all be connected the same...
  8. Synthetic Oil or Conventional? (2018 Elantra)

    AD 2017+ Elantra
    brand new hypermodern cars, best oils ever and then following OCIs like back in the 70s when there was carburettors, a lot of combustion by-products and excess gas getting collected in the pan ? I don't get that. "Severe conditions" is a money-maker if it applies to the majority of the users...
  9. 2006 Sonata ABS engaging at low speeds

    NF (2006-2010) Sonata
    It is in the EF / Kia GD (since it sits on the head of the bolts that attach the hub assy to the knuckle/carrier), not 100% sure about NF though, Better check again ... I only have Haynes manual here and there it appears it is a round cap pressed into the carrier bore. On the passive sensors...
  10. Car moves while parked in Drive

    Y2-EF(1989-2005) Sonata
    Well, may be true for the US but european homologation rules say different: ECE R-13 states the 2nd brake system (fully independent from the main system, no matter how many split circuits that one uses) has to serve as both an 'auxiliary brake being capable of stopping the vehicle within a...
  11. 2006 Sonata ABS engaging at low speeds

    NF (2006-2010) Sonata
    Not necessarily. Sure, ABS is disabled then and all you have is conventional brake. so put a new one. No need to replace all hub. Back to ABS issue: Rear tone wheel isn't a shrunk-on ring that could get cracked (such as the ones on the front driveshaft joints) but a massive wheel on the...
  12. camshaft position sensor issues

    Y2-EF(1989-2005) Sonata
    Read right here Mind telling us which one precisely ?
  13. Timing belt or chain

    MD ( 2011-2016) Elantra sedan/coupe
    ... unless when driving a Ford with Ecoboost engine running a belt in oil inside the engine ...
  14. Oil separation 30k service

    i30 & Elantra Touring Forum
    That is very strange. When I change oil what comes out of the filter looks exactly the same as from the pan.
  15. Oil change intervals

    DM 2013+Santa Fe
    BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen/Audi/Seat, Ford and many more. In Europe we're having OCIs up to 50000km with 'longlife' Synthetics. Sensor is 'must-have' then.
  16. G4GC engine not getting hot enough

    Trajet Forum
    can't be anything but thermostat - given it's not a gauge problem. Take it out, put in cold water with a suitable thermometer next to it and heat it up. See at what temperature it opens.
  17. Air vent replacement

    Y2-EF(1989-2005) Sonata
    Correct. 3 screws (top, left, right) securing the vent to the dash, one screw from bottom securing air duct to vent. I'd try: remove glovebox (6 screws, 5 minutes of work), vent should then be accessible behind dash. Remove screw that holds the air duct. Pull duct off vent. Then see if your...
  18. Hyundai Getz 2005 1.3 ABS Problem

    Getz Forum
    Code text for C1245 is ambiguous. One is height sensor FL low, the other is wheel speed frequency error. Since the lights go on when reaching a certain speed the latter is pointing to sensor or tone ring issue. Diagnose by looking at live wheel speed data while driving - given your scantool...
  19. Front Brakes Locks Up

    Getz Forum
    You are aware that you removed the device that secures you brake boosting in case of engine failure (and high speed/revs when manifold vacuum is low) ? That is a fix like removing the brake pads when the caliper is stuck ... The phenomenon is usually caused by a faulty brake booster (clogged...
  20. Broken valve cover screw

    Y2-EF(1989-2005) Sonata
    another can of worms that just got opened ...
1-20 of 495 Results