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  • drfabt ·
    Hi SVTfocus03, if you have fogs, that is great, i am looking for information, if you can help me, which fogs you installed? US or Korea/Chine model? i know there are concerns that in out models the bumper has to be cut to fit the korean ones. Did you have to cut and make the hole to insert the foglights, does the bumper comes precut? and does it have the holes for the bolts? thanks in advance for the help.
    drfabt ·
    Hello. i can see that in your avatar you have wht sport, w/out fog lights, are you willing to do it later, of if done, i just got the same car, and wishing to do it, i am also in Fl, i noticed that the bumper cover is no precut. Let me know if you will do it, i will make a post asking about it, a DIY will be great.
    thanks, take care.
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