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  1. Experience with the hyundai protection plan

    General Hyundai Non-Model Specific Discussion
    I'm looking to buy the platinum HPP for my 2015 genesis. I just want to protect myself against the failure of the high tech stuff the car has along with the sunroof. Has anyone actually used the HPP and how was it? Thanks in advance.
  2. I got one too!

    Genesis DH 2015-
    my dealer had it installed at a body shop while they reinstalled by bumper applique; he did it for free which was awesome. i'm not sure if they had to grind off the posts but I'm guessing yes.
  3. I got one too!

    Genesis DH 2015-
    i bought mine on amazon
  4. recalls

    Genesis DH 2015-
    Recall/Free Tire Replacement??? - Page 18 - Hyundai Genesis Forum
  5. recalls

    Genesis DH 2015-
    There is a recall for the rear tail light assembly. Also, there is a recall for the tires. We will be able to get 4 new tires in the next few months. They are sending letters out in batches as they do not have enough of the tires currently.
  6. Rattle in front of sunroof

    Genesis DH 2015-
    Took car in for first service. They said they could not hear the rattle. Very annoying. It has gotten better with warmer weather but it is still there.......I'll let you know if they can fix it.
  7. Rattle in front of sunroof

    Genesis DH 2015-
    I have the same rattle. I plan on having them address it at the first oil change. Had the same problem with my 2012 sonata hybrid that they were able to fix by retightening some screws and maybe adding some padding.
  8. windshield wiper fluid

    Genesis DH 2015-
    No more than before....with the other 8 cars I've owned
  9. Heater doesn't warm floor

    Genesis DH 2015-
    I have noticed my feet are cold in the car but have not sought a fix.
  10. 2015 awd fully loaded and fog lights

    Genesis DH 2015-
    it is fully loaded. it is not an option. try building one on hyundai's website
  11. 2015 awd fully loaded and fog lights

    Genesis DH 2015-
    I'm very disappointed that I bought the car fully loaded and it does not come with the fog lights like the 5.0 model. How much would those cost?
  12. Invisible Genesis

    Genesis DH 2015-
    I tried to get this car but it was going to take 2 months. I'm glad I didn't wait b/c I saw it in person and didn't like it as much as the black.
  13. gift

    Genesis DH 2015-
    I would rather have the cookies...wanna trade? Did they say genesis on them?
  14. gift

    Genesis DH 2015-
    Hyundai sent me a gift in the mail. It was a pen. Just a heads up for any new owners.
  15. apple play

    Genesis DH 2015-
    Does anyone know if we will get the upgrade for apple play. would be awesome