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  1. Car wont start

    MC (2006-2011) Accent
    When I turn crank timing on bottom it is real hard to turn. Top is a lot easier
  2. Car wont start

    MC (2006-2011) Accent
    Yeah I tried that but still wont run right. Got to give it gas to start then runs rough. When u let off gas car dies
  3. Car wont start

    MC (2006-2011) Accent
    Cam sensor low all cylinders misfiring. I get top on center. Then I do bottom. It is almost on mark just a hair off. No matter what I try both aren't on the Mark's perfectly
  4. Car wont start

    MC (2006-2011) Accent
    Yes both are on marks
  5. Car wont start

    MC (2006-2011) Accent
    That was what I heard about these engines thanks
  6. Car wont start

    MC (2006-2011) Accent
    Ok sorry about that. Was driving when the car died. After posting first question I went and and check the timing belt I found that the timing belt was broke. I've replaced that, along with the spark plugs and cam sensor. I believe I found tdc on cylinder 1. I align the marks but when I start the...
  7. Car wont start

    MC (2006-2011) Accent
    Pulled wire turned car over and saw spark only way I know
  8. Car wont start

    MC (2006-2011) Accent
    2008 accent. Car was showing code for cam shaft sensor so I replaced it. But car still wont start. It doesnt even sound like it is firing. I checked fuses and checked to make sure spark plugs were getting juice that was all good. I did notice two spark plugs had oil on them where the boot...