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  • quangchac ·
    hực dịch vụ làm bctc tại thanh xuân hiện quy
    n thuế, học kế toán tại đồng nai
    ng trung tâm đào tạo kế toán tại nam định Doa
    ết dịch vụ kế toán khi quyết
    uyên học kế toán tại hải phòng để
    n dịch vụ làm báo cáo tài chính tại long biên yên
    uế lop hoc ke toan tai vinh phuc thể h
    ý dia chi hoc ke toan tong hop chất l
    IKERTX0 ·
    Hi admin
    sorry, my english is not good
    devero and me are from spain, the car entretaiment system is not very good.
    we used win7 in the system.
    i cant write in the post.
    can you put in the post of devero this message?
    best regards
    From Spain, we have discovered that you can download an update from the page myhundai USA.
    We have a VIN of a sonata which surely you can download the update
    This is the message:
    Congratulations, your 2015 Sonata with navigation is eligible for a complimentary Apple CarPlay update courtesy of Hyundai Motor America. This update will be made available via our owner website (
    This update requires a specific version of the on-board navigation map. The integration of the required map version has delayed our launch past our initial projections, but we will deliver the map version with the Apple CarPlay update at the same time and with no additional cost.
    Would you mind helping our Spanish neighbors?
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