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  • GunnyDP ·
    I'm also strongly considering deleting the entire grille and replacing with black mesh. I'll see what options I have once I drop the bumper on Thursday or Friday.
    GunnyDP ·
    Sure thing bro... It's 3 pieces, unless you want to replace your Flying H also. I'm putting a Brenthon logo on it so I only got the 3 pieces I needed. It's going to be about $200 more because it comes unpainted in black plastic color, and my ride is Black Noir. I'm having a local shop paint it for me so it will be NICE! I used FourGreen for the parts. They're in SK. Shipping was 6 days to me here in San Diego, which isn't too bad.

    86351A5000 GRILLE-RADIATOR - $42.43
    86354A5000 PIECE-RADIATOR GRILLE - $34.83
    86352A5000 PIECE-RADIATOR GRILLE UPR - $32.74
    Shipping: $49.19
    Total: $159.19
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