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  • hypov8 ·
    You asked if the brake will have any effect on the engine surging. I have not tested this properly yet but i did a small test in driveway. I could push the brake and the accelerator still works.
    I actually just read something about all new cars will be implementing this fail safe from 2015(braking will disable accelerator).
    I would guess Australia is slow in implementing this.. or i just need to test it properly :)
    It might let you rev it to xxxx rpm to allow hill starts etc.
    I also need to see if traction control has any effect

    I noticed you put some Youtube videos in-bedded into your post. Can you tell me how did you do this.
    Lazy H ·
    Eventually, hanging my phone upside down between radiator and intake runners I could view part of the marking that the manual said should be there. I could clearly see G4FD inscribed .5 in high letters running up the aluminum.
    Lazy H ·
    It's the 1.6L gamma GDI. If there are regional variants of that engine aside from ECU software I'm not aware of it. Tried to check for a marking on the engine that might have a code like G4FD or similar. The service manual indicates there should be a mark stamp or sticker on driver's side front of engine to the side of the intake manifold, but I can't see it. probably would need to remove air duct. I can check later.
    hypov8 ·
    thanks for replying to the post about the accent accelerator issue
    would you know if your engine is the same.
    the engine on mine seems to be called a Gamma GDi (G4FD)

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