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  • NFD ·
    Did someone remove my post about artist title on Galaxy S9? There was another strange galaxy post, but mine was a legit post and I don't see it or any responses.
    Snow_Left ·
    I'm having trouble uploading a picture to a post. I drag the file to the spot that says "Drag and Drop here" and nothing happens. I thought it was picture size but tried with a different phone and the size is only 2.5 mb so can't see as that would be a problem.
    Snow_Left ·
    I think I touched a nerve from some people with my posts. That was not my intention. I asked, what I thought was a simple question, and when it went to 118 views and there was no answer asked why and that caused a firestorm from a couple of senior members.

    It seems to me that some of the people on this forum just can't either answer questions or ignore posts. They have to make personal comments on the VALIDLY of the posts in their minds. I agree ALL should JUST be civil.

    What I am saying is the old adage if you don't have something GOOD TO SAY SAY NOTHING.
    drgb88 ·
    It would be very nice if the forum told people that they cannot post until they have been a member for 7 days. Just wrote a lengthy post only to have it go nowhere.
    charlescrown ·
    Hey Keraoke Kop how you going. We were comparing costs between countries before so letting you know my latest. New LH upper ball joint. (hip replacement) cost me around $3000 on top of my medical insurance. If I had waited for how long like 4-5 years on the public health system it would have cost nothing but that would include no rehab or after care. I know of someone who had it done and paid all costs $23000. Isn't it great to be getting old. Anyway back dancing and chasing the wife (she runs too fast) after 2 weeks HA HA.
    h2pvnus ·
    Hi. Do you guys have anyvplan bringing the forum to tapatalk. The mobile version is very not that great. Sometime it won't let me touch, or it just wont let me type
    Karaoke Kop ·
    Having too much trans fluid is BAD. So, I suggest you jack up the vehicle so it is level,(always use jack stands) and remove the fill plug that is on the side of the transmission. Fluid will flow out until it is at the correct amount of fluid. Be sure to do this with a warmed up car. Shift to each gear for a moment before putting into Park position.

    And, as long as you have the car up in the air, might as well do a drain and fill.
    rksmsdlv ·
    Hi. So, I warmed up my car and checked the transmission fluid ..

    The fluid level was higher than "HOT" line...

    What should I do now? ...

    The slipping or hard shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear does not seem to happening if I start

    like really fast...

    but it wastes my gas... :[

    The hard shifting happens more at lower speed... :[

    What should I do sir... I have no idea how to change the transmission fluid by myself..

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