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  • OsoPolar ·
    Hey did you ever finish the power folding mirror/puddle lamps mod? If so do you have a walkthrough? I just got the mirrors and the window switch with the fold/unfold button but have no idea whatsoever what to do. Appreciate it!
    Patikstar ·
    Hi GunnyDP,

    I'm New at this Board. Im Code from Germany and saw your incredible elantra.
    I Thought about to style my Front light and saw some different Styles i like, but you have the coolest One. Did you just openend it and than painted it? Was it a special paint?
    I thoght about to paint it like have painted it in red.

    Thanks in advance
    Lobstah24 ·
    Gunny...How long is the list of parts to transform the front of our GTs to look like an i30? I'd be interested in that list and your source for the parts.
    peacephan ·
    hey man, it will be thirty but dont quote me right now. Go onto Concept 3 website and email williamchiang for you interest. Get back at me if he does or doesnt answer, I show you another route. There wiper delete is more flush.
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