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  • purplerain ·
    Hi there, I was impressed with your advice to the guy with the tranny problems and I am hoping you can help advise me. 2013 hyundai gt, gls automatic. in canada, Niagara falls area. I have around 45K in kilometres. I have had regular oil and filter changes, and in the past several years been using full synthetic and oem filter. car was bought new and will be 6 yrs old in Mid march 2019. I've not had anything else done as far as maintenance. I want to but if I just take it to someone and say do a tune up, they will eat me alive. so I need to be able to be specific as to what I would like done. this is where I need your help. I mean, everything is running ok and getting good mileage. I know there is the service manual, but I at this point I am confused. thanks for listening.
    [email protected] ·
    I disconnected the yellow connector EM02
    I measured voltage on pins 6,7 and 8 under different stalk switch conditions
    Switch at left turn: pin 6 alternating 12 v, 7 & 8 0 V Fast left dash light flash
    Switch at right turn: 0 v on all pins (678) Fast right dash flash
    Hazard switch on: 0 v on all pins Fast right dash flash (no left)
    Hazard on with left turn stalk: Pin 6 alternating 12v, 0v on 7 & 8. Both dash lights flash slowly
    Hazard on switch with right turn stalk: 0 v on all pins Fast right dash

    is the problem the stalk switch or the hazard switch?
    Harry_Osei_Amoah ·
    Trust you are good
    Can aid me an idea about this
    When i put my car ac on, engine stall
    But checked my map sensor, tps sensor, engine idle is around 850 rpm all fine.
    Any idea where the fault may be
    btw sometimes car stall even if ac is not in but happen frequently when car ac is on

    Thanks for your reply
    newtech ·
    Dear member "grcauto"
    Our Admin has been receiving many complaints regarding your posts on all of our forum, being rude, & un-informative.
    We are now issuing a formal final warning to you to cease such postings & be respectful to other members.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    On behalf of all moderators.
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